Florida Garage Door Specialists are always available to handle your entire garage door needs like garage door springs, your garage door panel or garage door opener. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holiday and weekends to come to your rescue. Call us today and have your garage fixed by us.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Due to overuse, your garage door spring will need to be replaced. It is important to know that individuals who are not trained to handle spring repair, NOT to attempt the repair themselves. Garage door springs are made under massive tension. If a person tries a spring repair, severe damage can occur to surrounding property or serious personal injury or injury to anyone around. It is also not a good idea to continue to operate your door with a broken garage door spring. That is extremely dangerous, and it can cause damage to your door and the electric opener systems.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Over time, your garage door panel will begin to warp, bend, crack and even break. Panels that are damaged will lead to bigger problems but also can be safety issues if your garage door panel can’t close properly. Continued use of a broken garage door panel will become even more of a headache for homeowners because the door will become misalign and ruined other sections. Besides being a complete eyesore, continued use might destroy the entire system.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Most of the time when a garage door opener needs repair, it’s problems such as a realignment of photo eyes, worn out gears and sprockets. Sometimes the fix might involve the motor, circuit boards, and trolley or drive belts or it can be as simple as adjustments to components. It can be a broad range of things when it comes to your garage door opener. That is why you should call the professionals at Florida Garage Door Specialists and have them check your garage door opener. Only a trained, licensed professional can figure out the exact problem with your opener.

Florida Garage Door Specialists and its team of skilled technicians can complete your garage door service or repair work quickly so your door is working like new again in the least amount of time possible.