For businesses, your might be in need of commercial garage doors. These doors are important for shipment and receiving but must also provide protection on the premises. We can install any commercial garage door needed to keep your business safe and operations running. Below are some examples of commercial garage doors that many companies use.

Sectional Steel Doors

These commercial garage doors come in a variety of options that can suit any business need you might have. These doors can come insulated or non-insulated, but all are durable and designed to handle any heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications. They come in different styles so you should be able to find a steel sectional door that blends in with the aesthetics of the building, be attractive and not clash with the outside décor of your business.

Security Grilles

Rental companies might want a commercial door that is attractive but also protects their businesses. Security Grilles are commonly used and come in different styles that fit with any business theme you have. These grilles can be made of aluminum or even steel but still make attractive options that aren’t an eyesore for your or your customer. Security Grilles can come as an upward-coiling option that you pull up and down or as a side – folding full closure grilles that you pull from left to right. Whichever works best for you and your business.

Fire Rated Doors

If you are looking for a commercial door that is fire-rated for your business, this kind of door might be the right option for you. These doors are designed to close automatically in the event of a fire or any alarmed event. These doors are versatile and are available as a service door or used as an over the counter applications like retail and industrial, so much more.

Florida Garage Door Specialist can install these door and other door options that you need for your business. Our staff is licensed and trained and are available at any time. Give us a call today!